Our new facility is located in Portland, TN, just 45 minutes north of Nashville, and is a spacious 128,000 square feet

Customers are welcome to come into the showroom and drop off parts and meet our team members.

All custom work that comes in is given a job number and pulled numerically to go through the process.

Every part that comes through our doors makes a stop in strip room and is taken down to its base material.

Parts that are electro stripped are also glass bead blasted on front and back for a clean consistent base.

Before parts can be plated, one of our skilled metal finishers will have to prep and repair the parts.

Once prepped, parts are racked up for plating using copper wire to suspend the part for plating.

Based on where the part is in processing, they will be placed in the appropriate tank for a set amount of time.

After a part has been fully processed, quality control will make sure the part meets expectations.

All of our waste goes through a multi-step compression system to extract any contaminants.