Advanced Plating is founded by Elton Cole in Old Hickory, Tennessee.

Elton Cole loses Advanced Plating while gambling.

Current owner Steve Tracy meets Mike Archbold while in Daytona Beach during bike week.

Steve is offered a third of the business to move to Nashville and head up Sales Department for Advanced Plating.

Arlis McGuire departs from Advanced Plating. Steve and Mike split his shares. Each having 50% of the business.

Steve and Sheri Tracy purchase Mike Archbold’s half of Advanced Plating.

Facility on Trinity Lane in Nashville catches fire and does $2-million in damages.

Advanced Plating moves to Cowan Court in downtown Nashville.

A polypropylene tank catches fire and does $1-million in damage.

The entire facility on Cowan Court goes under water during the great Nashville flood. Over $3-million in damages and losses.

An electrical short starts a fire that the Nashville Fire Department refuses to put out, resulting in a total loss fire of the Cowan Court production facility.

Advanced Plating re-opens at a new facility in Portland, Tennessee.