Jeremy Gerber

Roadster Shop

“The Roadster Shop chooses Advanced Plating because of their attention to detail, their understanding of high end, custom car builds, and commitment to getting the job done right.”

Andy Leach

CAL Automotive Creations

“When it comes to building a high end, high quality vehicle, it’s the small details that paint the big picture & chrome & polishing plays a big part! We can’t just have anyone chrome our parts, it must be done by the best. We always know what to expect when we get our parts back from Advanced Plating; The World’s Finest Chrome!”

Mike Goldman

Mike Goldman Customs

“When it comes to plating finishes on a high end build, Advanced Plating is always our #1 choice. They provide excellent quality, attention to detail and above all great customer service!!!!”

Steve Cook

Steve Cook Creations

“I really appreciate the quality, talent, and professionalism that Advanced Plating brings to each job that we work together on.”

Rick Love

Vintage Air

“We use Advanced Plating exclusively for our Front Runner Drive System components. Their quality and attention to detail are second to none.”

Kyle Tucker

Detroit Speed and Engineering

“We exclusively use Advanced Plating for all of our polishing and plating needs and we always have. It is more than the award winning quality plating they consistently put out, it is the people at Advanced Plating that make the difference.”

Will Posey

Big Oak Garage

“Advanced Plating and Big Oak Garage demand the same results, high quality and cool. Big Oak Garage uses Advanced Plating as our exclusive plating service, simply because of their attention to detail and the staff is always eager to work with us on every project big or small.”

Jonathan Goolsby

Goolsby Customs

“Uncompromising service and a never ending demand for perfection in every part that leaves their place is what makes us and our customers choose Advanced Plating.”

Jesse Greening

Greening Auto Co.

“Here at Greening Auto Company we are continually striving to go farther and raise the bar on quality. Advanced Plating is a key component in reaching these goals for our projects. Their commitment to the highest quality for their chrome is above all others.”

Larry Burchett

B Rod or Custom Inc.

"I have been using Advanced Plating for over 30 years and can honestly say that I have never been dissatisfied with the quality of their work. Their staff is always courteous and knowledgeable when discussing my projects. Whether they are restoring a rare zinc die-cast piece or re-plating a bumper, they deliver the quality that I expect. Give them a try and I think you will agree with me."

John McLeod

Classic Instruments

“At Classic Instruments our goal is to supply the “Finishing Touch” with every instrument we build, whether it is with our standard instruments with chrome pointers or any one of thousands of parts at our custom shop…Advanced plating is who we turn to… We always get the best chrome plating, powder coating or polishing, every time!!! and the best service in the industry.”

Kail Withers

Austin Speed Shop

“Never have I had a subcontractor give this level of customer service. The turnaround time, communication and quality are unreal. Every notation and concern was addressed, everything was on time, well packaged and looked beautiful. Advanced Plating sets the standard for service without a doubt.”

Will Hudson

Hudsons Rod & Customs

“Hudsons Rod & Customs always relies on Advanced Plating for their high quality, great customer service, & multiple plating options for all our plating needs."

Chad Hill

Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle

“We use Advanced Plating for our customer's projects because they have an attention to detail that is unsurpassed on each and every piece that they touch. They are simply the best.”

Butch Patrico

Michigan Hot Rod Association-Ridler Award Judge

“All of us at the Detroit Autorama would not trust anyone but Steve and his crew at Advanced Plating for the plating of the RIDLER Award. Only the best for the best. Steve is a great guy and enthusiast. A real pleasure to know and work with him.”

Dustin Foust

Classic Restorations of Southern Indiana

“When our customers ask us who we use for all of our plating needs we are quick to say Advanced Plating. They are by far the best in the business and we would trust no one else on any of our builds. Regardless if we are working on a factory restoration or a full out custom we are sure to send all of our plating to Advanced!!!”

Skip and Debbie Walls

Lokar Performance Products

“Lokar offers American made products with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, we use proven suppliers like Advanced Plating. We know when we send our parts to Advanced Plating for our chrome plating needs we will receive the very best in quality and in a quick return time. Only the best will do when you offer American made products with a lifetime warranty. Advanced Plating is who Lokar trusts. Advanced Plating is a natural partner for Lokar when it comes to Quality!”

Chris Sondles

Woody’s Hot Rodz

"When you build high-end cars for customers all over the country you have a responsibility to provide the highest quality product possible. As everyone knows the devil is in the details and classic cars are full of chrome and stainless details, Steve Tracy and the crew at Advanced Plating take pride in making builders like us look good! Their commitment to the hobby and to their business shines through in the product they produce. At Woody's Hot Rodz we only use Advanced Plating for all our chrome needs."

Mark Bowler

Bowler Performance Transmissions

“When it comes to polishing or plating at Bowler Performance Transmission there is only one choice. Whether we are working on an championship show car, Ridler contender or just a show stopping cruiser, Bowler Performance uses Advanced Plating every time. We put our trust into Advanced Plating to ensure that we get the best quality finish on the parts that we need.”

Craig Naff

Craig Naff Incorporated

“I strive to fabricate all the parts for the projects I do with the highest quality level possible, and I know I can trust Advanced Plating to provide the same level of quality in the plating they apply to them.

Tim Strange

Strange Motion Rod and Custom Construction and TV Personality

"Over the 20 years of running Strange Motion, finding the right plating shop was always an issue. Whether it be quality, time frame or just how they handled their end of the project. Lots of stress and sleepless nights was to be expected. After I found and used Advanced Plating the first time, all the stress of dealing with a plating shop went away. They are honest and upfront with the process, time frame and quality of end result. As a bonus they are all car people and "get it".Advanced Plating has never let me down, whether it being for a TV show project, or projects at Strange Motion. Advanced Plating never disappoints."

Dave Shuten

Galpin Speed Shop

“The only way to build the best quality custom cars, is to work with the best plating company…That’s why I only use Advanced Plating, they’re the best!”

Blackie Gejeian


Legendary hot rod builder

“It’s the greatest chrome I’ve ever seen”