You Never Know

February 13, 2014 by AdvancedPlating - No Comments

You hear a lot of businesses make the statement “you never know what is going to come through our doors.” That is a true statement for practically any business. In our business the statement would be more along the lines of “you wouldn’t believe some of the things we have plated.” For us, the things you would normally find in our shop would consist of deteriorated car parts, new music components, and various other commercial jobs. Nevertheless, after 28 years at the helm of Advanced Plating, owner Steve Tracy is still shocked at some of things that come to us for plating.

A great example that occurred recently was a hand crafted chair by renowned furniture artist Wendell Castle. This chair was like nothing you have ever seen before. It was approximately six foot long, three foot tall, and the way it was constructed was mind blowing. The center was hallow and the exterior was like a shell that appeared to be built by welding various small rounded shapes together. Even more amazing was the fact that you couldn’t see a weld anywhere.


Something of this size and structure you wouldn’t typically imagine would be receiving plating. You might figure powder coat or even a real durable automotive paint product, but Wendell Castle was looking for something as unique as the chair itself. He wanted the finish on this work of art to be brushed nickel.


To say that this was going to be no easy task would be an understatement. Nevertheless, like we always do, a well thought out plan was devised and executed by our skilled staff of polishing and plating technicians. Like all parts, it was going to require sanding and polishing before plating. After 20-plus boxes of DA sandpaper and countless man-hours, the chair was ready for its first round of nickel plating.

chair being polished

Next the racking department had to devise a way for the chair to hang in the tank and get plenty of nickel plating over its entire surface. Not to mention, they had to also come up with a way to move this bad boy from one tank to the next. As usual, they came through with flying colors and the chair received the much needed nickel plating.

chair in bright nickel

The fun did not stop there. The chair had to go through this same process three times before all of the imperfections were removed and the nickel was ready for the application of the brushed finish.


Anyone who laid their eyes upon this chair would tell you it is a sight to see without plating, but with brushed nickel plating, it’s a knockout. One thing is for sure, you will probably never see another one like this.