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Say hi to the folks taking care of you. You may reach them here, using the extensions listed below.

Toll Free: 1-800-588-6686
Local: 615-227-6900
Fax: 615-262-7935

Steve & Sheri Tracy

“52 years of business, 28 years at the helm. The challenge to innovate and improve motivates us to this day. We are excited every morning when we pull into the parking lot. Having the opportunity to be involved with people’s passions is very unique. We are honored to be a part of those dreams.”

Laura Robinson
Administrative Manager

“Although relatively new to Advanced Plating, I joined the team in May as office manager and brought ten years’ experience with me.  If you have any billing, service, or general API questions, feel free to contact me.”

Contact Laura at EXT. 122

Tom Sullivan
Sales Manager

“After 25 years the best part of this job is still helping people restore old dreams and build new ones.”

Contact Tom at EXT. 132

Terry Buckner
Sales Associate

“No matter what you are working on, I am always glad to try and help you reach the desired end result.”

Contact Terry at EXT. 125

Josh Mishler
Special Projects

“Although I have only worked here since the fall of 2012, l have been passionate about hot rods, customs, and classics for most of my life. Every day at Advanced Plating brings new excitement when I get to visit with a customer about their project what goals they are looking to achieve.”

Contact Josh at EXT. 215

Jeremy Colas
Product Development

“I have almost 2 decades in the guitar industry with experience spanning from starting as a sales/tech guy in a music store when I was 15 up to touring with bands and playing in studios to becoming the Master Luthier for a major guitar manufacturer. I put all of my experience and expertise to work with helping customers not only in supplying and designing parts that are mechanically correct but also tonally and sonically what the customer needs for the highest quality products available today.”

Contact Jeremy at EXT. 127

Frank Johns

“With 28 years in guitar design and manufacturing, I’ve come to API to become a member of the team. I look forward to working with you on your projects. Feel free to call or email me anytime.”

Contact Frank at EXT. 215

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