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If you have studied or read much about automotive history, you may be familiar with a period or automobiles referenced to as the Brass Era.  Back before nickel and chrome plating were used as the accepted finish on automobiles, brass was the number one choice by carriage houses, coach builder, and ...
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One of the more common questions we receive here at Advanced Plating is "do you restore aluminum trim?"  While the answer is a resounding yes, it is a tricky question that is not so black and white.  While we cannot re-anodize the trim to the factory correct look, we can straighten and polish it t ...
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The Detroit Autorama has finally rolled around and everyone who was making the mad dash to the finish has either dropped out or found themselves on the main floor of Cobo Hall.  We here at Advanced Plating were caught up in the race ourselves and while we managed to get our new Salt Flats lakester ...
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