the parking lot was packed during the 2015 open house

Summer is Upon Us

June 25, 2015 by Josh - No Comments

open house goodguys kickoff party 2015

open house goodguys kickoff party 2015

It’s hard to argue that there is any time of year more exciting for car enthusiasts than summer.  Late spring and early summer is the unofficial kick-off to the car show season.  Plus, it is also that period of time when you realize the weather is just right for cruising.  We are involved with so many shows year round that it is kind of difficult to pin point when quote unquote car show season begins and ends for us.  None the less, it always feels like a summer of car shows is upon us when the Goodguy’s Rod and Custom Association comes to town and hosts the Nashville Nationals.

Over the past ten years, we have been uniquely involved with the Nashville Nationals by hosting an open house to kick-off the event on the Thursday night before the show begins.  Over the years it has grown from a modest open house with a few participants taking tours and enjoying a meal on us, to a full-fledged get down with feature cars, barbeque spread, a live band, and a packed house.  Every year we wonder if it will be as good as the previous and so far we have always been able to one up the year before.

This year we were fortunate enough to have the most diverse and impressive group of feature cars we have ever had.  Inside the facility we had on display two Great Eight Ridler award finalist made up of Willie and Charlotte Maise’s 1967 Dodge Dart built by the crew at Big Oak Garage, as well as Gil and Janet Losi’s 1956 Plymouth convertible built by Steve Cook Creations.  Both cars made a huge statement at Detroit and had a magnetic presence in our warehouse.  Impressive rides didn’t stop there though.  You would also find in the warehouse a Concours d’Elegance winner in Don and Mary Kay Poinsette’s 1947 Chrysler Town and Country convertible restored by Larry Griffey’s Hot Rod and Restorations.  This rare beauty is the kind of car that had people saying “have you ever seen one”.

open house goodguys kickoff party 2015

Completing the Mopar trifecta in the warehouse was this beautiful 1956 Plymouth convertible owned by Gil and Janet Losi. The dreamy drop top was built by Steve Cook Creations in Oklahoma City.

open house goodguys kickoff party 2015

Don and Mary Kay Poinsette’s beautiful 1947 Chrysler Town and Country convertible restored by Larry Griffey’s Hot Rod and Restoration in Knoxville, TN


open house goodguys kickoff party 2015

This 1967 Dodge Dart SL was built by the crew at Big Oak Garage in Hokes Bluff, AL for Willie and Charlotte Maise. Not only was it featured in our warehouse, it also captured a Builder’s Choice award at the show.

That alone was an impressive array of cars that covered three decades worth of automotive styling.  However, as the saying goes “but wait there is more!”  Greening Auto Company is local to us and anymore our open house is almost not complete without a build from their shop.  This year we were fortunate enough to have Jesse’s new personal car, a 1927 Ford XL roadster, make one of its first public appearances at our open house.  His roadster is a unique blend of contemporary and vintage styling that even features a brand new finish option from Advanced Plating.  The finish is a combination of brushed nickel and translucent black powder coating that creates a look like nothing else.  Stay tuned to our website for more on this finish!

open house goodguys kickoff party 2015

Jesse Greening of Greening Auto Company brought out his latest creation, a 1927 Ford XL Roadster featuring many custom machined parts by GAC and a brand new finish from Advanced Plating.


Danny Massa debuted his Legens Hot Rod Shop built 1948 Chevrolet pickup at our open house to a large crowd of eager enthusiasts.

Rounding out our group of feature cars this year, was three vehicles built by the crew at Legens Hot Rod Shop.  They went above and beyond by bringing George Poteet’s trick 1956 Chevrolet 150 and the debut of two new trucks.  When we say debut, we mean debut.  Both trucks were pushed into place just a half hour before the event got underway and both were kept undercover until an official unveiling took place an hour into the event.  When the covers came off everyone got the first look at a 1948 Chevrolet pickup belonging to Danny Massa and a 1940 Ford pickup owned by Robert Anderson.  This was the first time we had held an unveiling at our open house and it really added one more exciting element to the event.



open house goodguys kickoff party 2015

As always, the garage portion of the warehouse was packed with participants enjoying Nashville style BBQ and Cajun cooking by Kenny Fredric and Joe Mouton.

open house goodguys kickoff party 2015

Local Nashville band Backlit kept everyone entertained playing music throughout the whole event.

In addition to the feature cars, we also had our usual impressive spread of Tennessee barbeque as well as Cajun cooking by our friends Kenny Fredric and Joe Mouton from Louisiana.  Between the cars, the food, and the live entertainment, everyone seemed to have a great time.  We greatly appreciate everyone who came out to the event and helped make it one of the best attended open house’s we have ever held. Furthermore, a big thanks to all of the owners and builders of the feature cars who traveled many miles to showcase their car in our warehouse.


Big weekend for Robert Anderson and his 1940 Ford pickup built by Legens Hot Rod Shop. Not only did it debut in our warehouse Thursday night, it also took home some top honors capturing the Truck of the Year (early) finalist pick.


Our own Megan Tracy may have had the biggest weekend of them all. Autocross Friday afternoon at the show, high school graduation Friday night, and award recipient at the show Sunday. Congratulations Meg!





The festivities continued out at LP Field over the weekend where a number of customer cars were on display with many taking home top awards.  Advanced Plating was fortunate enough to have two customers take home Builders Choice awards, as well as a Truck of the Year Early finalist pick in Robert Anderson’s 1940 Ford Pickup, and a number of winners in the General Awards category.  Furthermore, Advanced Plating’s own Megan Tracy, who just happened to graduate from high school the same weekend, had her 1970 Chevrolet Camaro selected as the winner of the Goodguys Young Guys pick.  One could easily say it was a great event and weekend for Advanced Plating.