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Red Hot Rush

February 14, 2014 by AdvancedPlating - No Comments

Here at the shop we joke quite a bit about the term red hot rush. Any job that has a critical deadline coming up is marked with a red hot rush sticker. As anyone can imagine, no matter how well you plan, you will always work down to the last minute when trying to hit a deadline. If you have never had this problem, congratulations, you are one lucky person. At any given time you can find a red hot rush sticker on a variety of jobs in the shop, but around this time of year there seems to be an alarming amount of them.

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Much of this red hot rush can be attributed to the fact that the Detroit Autorama is right around the corner. As this is being typed, the first week of March is coming up quick and everyone headed to the Autorama for the Ridler competition is discovering little things here and there that need plated. It happens every year and luckily we are well prepared and equipped to handle this sudden flood of red hot jobs.

So just how down to the wire does it get with Ridler cars? Last year we plated some pieces on Monday, they arrived to the customer on Tuesday, and the car was in Detroit on Thursday. This doesn’t just happen for Detroit though. It happens for Columbus, SEMA, the Grand National Roadster Show, and everything in between. It is simply the nature of the beast. No complaints by us though, we totally understand how it goes. We are just happy that we can help.


Today there was a red hot rush job in the shop that caught our eye that gave us a slight chuckle. It wasn’t so much the part itself, but the irony of this part laying on a red hot rush ticket. What was it you might ask? Well it was the main sweep for the Ridler award. Yes, in addition to plating parts for a number of cars in the competition, we also plate the Ridler award itself.

ridler award red hot

This week the Ridler award is in the shop for a little freshening before it is given to one lucky recipient. It just seemed completely appropriate that the one thing everyone was in a rush for, was in our shop rushing to the finish line too.