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“Our longtime friend Sam Bass needs a kidney and a pancreas immediately. Sam, who has had diabetes all his life, is now on dialysis awaiting a kidney and pancreas transplant.
The bills for the years of kidney failure have been overwhelming.
Sam, who relocated his gallery, is now in the process of selling many works just to take care of these medical needs.
Those of us in the stock car community have enjoyed Sam’s amazing artistic talent over the decades.
Now it’s time for us, the racing family, to give back – to pay it forward – to help a friend, a brother live out a longer life to draw and paint the racing talent of the future.
Please help all you can.
So as to not negativity impact Sam’s financial situation (bankruptcy/taxes), we’ve choosen the Motor Racing Outreach Benevolence Fund to handle all donations coming into this account. This way MRO can pay Sam’s bills – medical bills, power bills, etc.  Gwen J. Howard is the person at MRO in charge of distribution of those funds to Sam. Be assured, ALL donations coming here will go toward Sam’s mounting medical bills.
Also, if you’re interested in purchasing art from Sam,  contact
Caron Myers”

Please click the link below to redirect to his Go Fund Me page