One-Off Woody

Project Date of completion: July 2014
Project Client: Doug Hoppe and Brad Stark's Rod and Custom

Coming up with an idea that has never been done before is almost impossible when it comes to building an early Ford.  Due to the brands popularity with hot rodders worldwide, there have been so many ideas executed on this era of car that it is difficult to develop a fresh thought for one.  Nevertheless, Doug Hoppe got together with Brad Stark’s Rod and Custom and together with the help of Problem Child Kustom Studios developed the idea of a 1935 Ford two-door woody “sports wagon” that had never been done before.  Brad Stark miraculously took a two door sedan and turned it into a one-off woody wagon creation featuring painted on wood grain and a look that had everyone talking.  Advanced Plating was called upon to handle all of the chrome work on this stunning creation that will have people talking for years to come.