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That New Website Smell

February 10, 2014 by AdvancedPlating - No Comments

If you have been checking our site regularly, we are sure you have noticed that we have been in the process of totally revamping the website and chrome plated accessories store that is part of it. Like all important tasks, this didn’t happen overnight. Granted, we might have missed our initial target date for the new launch, but we figured it was much better to take a functioning website live than one that would cause you headaches and frustration. After all, nothing is more anticlimactic than clicking on a bunch of pages only to find the statement “coming soon.”

The best part about our new website is the opportunity for more updates and engaging material. If you check back regularly you will find new photos and stories constantly being added to share what is going on inside the walls of Advanced Plating. We will even be starting a feature called “Follow this part from the start.” This will showcase all the steps and labor that goes into making deteriorated car parts look better than new from start to finish. Furthermore, this site will allow us to better keep you up to date on the latest happenings and news from the automotive, music, and plating worlds.

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Back in 1955 the Chrysler Corporation debuted their whole new lineup of cars and advertised it with the tagline “the hundred million dollar look” to convey that they had spent a lot of time and money to roll out the best new line of cars for the public. While we didn’t spend anywhere near a hundred million dollars for the new look, we hope you find the new website and store to be a hundred million times better than the last one.

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Before we end this brief introduction to the new website, we want to recognize the diligent efforts of Brian Stupski and Problem Child Kustom Studios for helping bring this new version of the website to life.  The end result is above and beyond what we had originally dreamed up and he was incredibly intuitive throughout the whole process, constantly improving on the ideas we had and continually coming up with ways to better serve you the customer. If you get a chance be sure to give Brian’s website a visit and check out some of his great artwork and automotive designs.

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So dive in, look around, and we hope you find the new site informative and enjoyable. Just remember, always stay tuned for more.