Kicking it off Right

April 18, 2014 by AdvancedPlating - No Comments

It is amazing how fast time passes. It passes even quicker when your business depends on constantly hitting deadlines. You end up spending more time focusing on the immediate deadlines and important dates than you do on future dates. As a result, those dates in the distant future end up sneaking up on you really quick. Many people come to this realization when they call us and discover our backlog has our turnaround time pushed out past their own deadlines. Betcha didn’t know that as of right now there are only 12 weeks left until Columbus Goodguy’s. Did you know that SEMA is only a little over 28 weeks away? Then again it is all a matter of perspective. Deadlines and dates can always be viewed with the glass half full or half empty mentality, “six weeks is not enough time” versus “six weeks is plenty of time.”

We bring this up because it seems like it was just a few weeks ago that we were planning for the 2013 edition of the annual Advanced Plating Open House and Goodguy’s Nashville Nationals Kick-Off party. So you can imagine the surprise when we realized that the 2014 edition was less than a month away. Nevertheless it wasn’t a matter of shock due to having nothing planned, it was more related to the fact that we needed to spread the word to everyone. In an attempt to make things easy, we have generated a postcard with all of the details on it regarding the shindig, which can be viewed by clicking on the images below.

2014 open house postcard front 2014 open house postcard back

If you have never been to our open house before or the Goodguy’s Nashville Nationals, we would highly recommend you attend both. Just as in the past at our open house, show participants can expect to enjoy some great Nashville style BBQ with the sounds of rocking live music playing in the background. Our open house is also a great chance for you to tour our facility and get a first hand look at the chrome plating process. If you have never seen it before, you will truly be amazed at the level of work that goes into refinishing vintage car parts. Another highlight of the open house are the incredible feature cars that will be on display in our building. This years crop of cars include two Great Eight Ridler award finalist, an America’s Most Beautiful Roadster contender, a Salt Flat’s lakester, a pair of SEMA feature cars, and the debut of a new ride by Greening Auto Company. All of which feature plated finishes by Advanced Plating.

So make plans and be sure to make your way to our facility on Thursday May 15, 2014 between the hours of 4 pm and 8 pm. It is guaranteed to be a great time and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

If you are looking for details on the 9th Goodguy’s Rod and Custom Association Nashville Nationals, just click on the link below.